TMS Treatment Reviews and Testimonials

If You’ve Tried Everything For Depression, Hope Is Here

Here at Achieve TMS, we’ve been helping patients with mental health concerns for two decades. We started out providing regular psychiatric care. Then, when the FDA cleared Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in 2008, we took a serious look at it and liked what we saw.

That was the beginning of an era that has changed our lives as well as the lives of our patients. It’s amazing to witness such transformations—consistent, dramatic change that we have never witnessed before all thanks to this revolutionary new depression treatment.

We’ve compiled some TMS therapy reviews and testimonials for you to see how we’ve been able to help our patients over the years.

AchieveTMS Patient Reviews

– B.G., dTMS Patient

How did you cope with Depression prior to starting the TMS treatment series?
Almost not at all. I had no coping mechanism. TMS has helped out immensely.

How did you cope with depression throughout the TMS treatment series? Did you notice any noticeable differences in yourself?
Feelings are now more clear, clear headed and focused. Bad feelings go away faster.

How are you coping/ will cope with depression after completing the TMS treatment series? Would you recommend TMS to future patients?
I will hopefully be better off now after this. I will try to cope better. Yes, I would recommend to a friend.

Is there anything that you would recommend for us to improve our future patient experience?
Nothing at all. Treatment was excellent. Staff was very kind, understanding and pleasant to be around. Dottie was amazing. Very kind and helpful.

– S.H., dTMS patient

How did you cope with Depression prior to starting the TMS treatment series?
I’ve had depression since 8th Grade. I coped with not eating and mostly cutting. Since I have started TMS, I have not cut once.

How did you cope with depression throughout the TMS treatment series? Did you notice any noticeable differences in yourself?
I noticed that I am getting back to my humor and quick whits. Also noticed my depression episodes only last a few hours instead of months at a time! I feel like I move forward a lot easier and I am more positive.

How are you coping/ will cope with depression after completing the TMS treatment series? Would you recommend TMS to future patients?
I recommend it to EVERYONE! I haven’t felt this good in years. I am coping by having better outlets and eating regularly. I cope with exercising everyday, eating healthy and not isolating.

Is there anything that you would recommend for us to improve our future patient experience?

– A.T., dTMS patient

How did you cope with Depression prior to starting the TMS treatment series?
I didn’t. Suicide, isolation, self harm.

How did you cope with depression throughout the TMS treatment series? Did you notice any noticeable differences in yourself?
About half way through treatment it was like a light swith was flipped. I can’t really describe it well, but it was like my issues became manageable. My issues were still thre, but it went from “suicide is the only option.” To having options to get through it all. 

How are you coping/ will cope with depression after completing the TMS treatment series? Would you recommend TMS to future patients?
YES. My depression and issues are still there, but I can get out of bed. I still get overwhelemed, but I get better in hours versus weeks. 

Is there anything that you would recommend for us to improve our future patient experience?
A timer of the pulses where the patient can see it.

Written TMS Treatment Reviews From Patients

I just had another round of TMS treatment from Achieve TMS. Dr. Sheth, Michael, Cecilia, Jessica and Noelle were all fantastic and professional. The quality of treatment was top notch yet again and I couldn’t have asked for any better. It really did feel like a whole team was supporting me with my treatment at times. Under the supervision of Dr. Sheth as well as getting help from the financial department, I was able to do my 3rd round of TMS treatment with success. I had already started to feel the effects half way through the 30 day treatment. I am hopeful that the effects from the treatment will last me for several months or years. I am so very grateful for what Achieve TMS has helped me with. Thank you!

Rob P from San Diego

I recently finished 36 sessions of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), at Achieve TMS. I had my doubts as to how I was going to feel during the session and afterwards. Wearing a helmet that mapped the area of the brain to receive TMS by a ticking sound can initially be intimidating. The ticking sound is drowned by using earplugs and you are given the option to watch a T.V. show of your choosing to put your mind at ease and/or distract you during the TMS session. Everyday, for 36 days, I showed up to my appointment at 11 am. I had an amazing experience with the technicians at Achieve TMS who made my time during the sessions pleasant and comfortable. Any concerns I had were answered promptly and I was reassured that my experience would be positive and safe. After my first session I had a headache but it went away within an hour and I did not get a headache with the remaining 35 sessions. I am thankful for the amazing staff that facilitated these sessions. Their positive feedback and care and concern was exceptional and genuine. I highly recommend Achieve TMS. They are client centered and are committed to assist you in your mental health journey.

LT from San Diego

In 2015 my mom passed away and it sent me into a deep depression. I had always dealt with sadness but this brought me to a place where I didn’t want to go anywhere or see anyone. I was in therapy and taking anti-depressants but nothing was lifting me out of my depression. My therapist suggested that TMS might help and he recommended treatment at Achieve TMS.  I know TMS is not a miracle cure but it has made such a difference in my life. It’s like a cloud has been lifted off of my head. I still go to therapy and still take medication but I also work out and go to a support group and am enjoying life again. This pandemic has been very tough. TMS relaxes me, gives me hope and has helped me find joy.

SG From California

I would strongly recommend TMS treatment during the COVID lockdown with absolutely no hesitations. This can truly change your life.

I was suffering from extreme anxiety that was exacerbated when the lockdown started…I would wake up every morning with a terrible heaviness in my chest and would have to take medication all day long just to try to manage through it. My psychiatrist put together a treatment plan that included group therapy, individual therapy and TMS and I’m very happy I went through with the daily TMS treatments despite the pandemic.

At Achieve TMS, they provide a very comfortable setting with impeccable attention to hygiene and safety. I watched “The Office” every day when I came in and really looked forward to my sessions.  The technician who worked with me held me accountable every day for getting enough sleep, not using too much caffeine or alcohol, eating well and exercising. He tracked my progress and was encouraging and supportive; it was obvious that he really wanted me to get well and wanted to partner with me to help make it happen.

CJ from CaliforniaTMS Patient

I was first introduced to TMS by my therapist. I had been procrastinating and hadn’t really looked for a place to go when one day and ad popped up on Facebook for Achieve TMS. I entered my information and the next day I had a phone call from Rachel. Everything was very simple to set up and instructions were easy to understand. My first impressions of the facility were great. It was clean and welcoming and all of the staff were very friendly. I met with Rachel first, she is such a wonderful person. The next step after insurance had approved my visits was for me to meet with Dr Sheth so that he could do the mapping. Basically taking the measurements on the machine to get the coil in the right place on my head. Dr Sheth is really a wonderful psychiatrist. He is friendly and listens intently to you as a patient. In total I had 60 sessions, which was one session every weekday. It’s nice to be able to rest for an hour and watch Netflix. The chair that you sit in is comfortable but the head restraint can take a little while to get used to because you have to be in the exact same position every time. Rachel was my technician for the entire length of my treatment and I can’t put in to words how amazing she is. She was patient with me, she listened to my problems and just made the whole experience so much more enjoyable. There was some days when I wasn’t feeling so great and she made sure that I was comfortable before starting treatment. For a couple of treatments I had to have Chelsea take over and she was absolutely wonderful too. She made me feel like I’d known her as long as I had known Rachel. Also Michael, the other technician at Carlsbad office was great. He didn’t do my treatments but sat in on a couple while he was learning how to use the machine I was on. He was very friendly and seemed like he would also make a great technician if you happened to get Michael instead of Rachel. Overall I am glad to be done with my treatment but sad to not see Rachel, Michael and Dr Sheth anymore. I would 100% recommend TMS to everyone who suffers with Anxiety and Depression. My mood has absolutely been lifted, my anxiety has lessened and I just feel so much more happy. Because my depression isn’t as bad, my pain levels are on average lower than they were before treatment. I definitely don’t have nearly as many flare ups with fibromyalgia. I would definitely recommend Achieve TMS in Carlsbad

Eleanor C.TMS Patient

Loved doing my tms treatments with Micheal and Rachel. I would strongly recommend doing tms as I believe it is so much better than prescription medications. No side effects with tms and it’s a great feeling waking up in the morning only needing some water and food to get the day started. I was very skeptical about doing treatment in the beginning because TMS is still a newer treatment in the states, but after I did it I truly think everyone should be allowed to do tms if there depression is getting worse.

Kevin M. from CaliforniaTMS Patient

After raising my family, helping with my grandson until he became school age, I decided to make my own health a priority. I reconnected with a friend who had just experienced significant weight loss and looked great. I began to see her weight loss doctor but she spoke even more highly of her TMS treatments. I realized that focusing on diet and exercise was just part of my emotional eating. After some self-evaluation, I understood that depression and anxiety was a bigger issue, the others were symptoms. I met Dr. Pabbati for an evaluation after the office contacted my insurance and worked out my share of cost. I had worked for psychiatrists in the 1970’s and some were professional but a couple were absolutely nuts, one convicted of molesting his pediatric patients. I felt comfortable with Dr. Pabbati and he was very professional, neither stuffy or overly-friendly but the perfect balance. The technician who did most of my treatments was Sammy and over the course of treatment, while we kept a professional relationship, we also developed a genuine friendship. Each session I would “check in” for charting but would share “highs and lows” over the weeks of sessions. It was a serious time commitment but she was flexible with my schedule, which changed somewhat due to COVID being introduced to our lives. I feel like the sessions have helped me to get on track with establishing healthy coping skills, heathy boundaries with my relationships and support during the uncertainty of the pandemic so I was able to support my own family without becoming overwhelmed. I am a 65 yo woman who does not want to be on prescription drugs so this method of healing feels like addressing the core of my depression, not medicating so I don’t react to my emotions. I would recommend this to anyone who deals with depression, anxiety or trauma. This has not only helped me but my family respects the new version as I am no longer feeling like a victim. Go for it!

Lynne K. from CaliforniaTMS Patient

Before I started TMS treatment at Achieve TMS I was hesitant both about the cost and the time requirement for treatment. The Achieve team made it easy, convenient and quite frankly possible for me to move forward. Everyone I met genuinely cared about me and went out of their way to make sure I was well cared for. The treatment became something I looked forward to and I began to notice changes by the second week.

It can seem daunting at first but don’t waste the opportunity to get better! The Achieve team makes it as comfortable, easy and convenient as possible.

KP from CaliforniaTMS Patient

This is MS and I met you at a recent in -service presentation for providers.  My husband Lou has been suffering from debilitating depression and I thought TMS would be helpful for him, but because he has Medicare I didn’t think he would be able to access TMS services at Achieve.

Dr. Sheth connected me with Achieve TMS and your team.  He completed his treatment at the end of May and I have been wanting to reach out and thank you all so much for all your help and for making it possible for him to receive TMS.  I know Dr. Sheth pulled some strings and I am SO appreciative.  Lou’s depression has  improved significantly–I have my old husband back and I am so grateful.  I can’t believe how much more I see him smile, how much more positive he is and how he is able to complete daily tasks and responsibilities now without me having to nag and prod him.  Our marriage has improved and I know he feels like a better husband and father.  TMS not only helped him but the trickle down effect has helped me (less burden/work on my shoulders at home, more shared happiness with my partner, etc).  So I just wanted to thank you so much!

M.STMS Patient
From my standpoint, going through dailyTMS  treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic is a risk/reward assessment.
Achieve TMS takes all conceivable safety precautions — from sanitizing all surfaces to ensuring that patients and providers are healthy to ensuring that there are just a few moments of physical interaction between patient and technician reserved for starting and finishing treatment. The reward, for me, far outweighs any risk that exists insofar as the impact of this treatment on my daily life and mental health has been outstanding.
Prior to TMS treatment I had been on medications for 3 decades all of which came with a host of side effects and worked only moderately well .  TMS has been life changing.
If I didn’t feel so well as a result of this treatment I wouldn’t feel comfortable speaking out but I know that this treatment truly makes a difference.
R.M. from OregonTMS Patient

I have never had this level of joy, vigor, hope and passion in my life that I have right now while going through TMS treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. I know this sounds strange but it’s true. The effects are mind-blowing, dramatic and life changing. I know how depression works and how a period of isolation can exacerbate symptoms for those who are struggling. This is the PERFECT time go to in for daily treatment. TMS has given me freedom and joy that I could not have imagined, especially during this time.

I understand how people who haven’t been through Achieve TMS daily treatments could have hesitations but I’ve not seen this level of sanitation or cleanliness anywhere else. When you go in for treatment there’s usually no one else there other than you and the technician who is well trained and great about communicating safety protocols and ensuring that the patient is well both before, during and in between treatments.

Achieve TMS is providing a safe and essential treatment during this pandemic. I am grateful.

A.K. in OregonTMS patient

The worst life one can have is living with deep depression. For me, it changes who I am.  There were too many years I suffered in that black hole, years wasted. Then unexpectedly medical care thru Achieve TMS was dropped into my lap. Without hesitation, I grabbed the chance to try this treatment, believing this could be my way out of the darkness.

Have no doubt, in the beginning there were many days on my way to treatment I left my home depressed, sad, reluctant to go… but each day I looked at my trip to Achieve TMS as a journey to wellness. It worked, it got me there and kept me going for all my appointments. I wouldn’t give into it. Most times by the time I arrived at the facility I was ready to have another treatment under my belt and be one step closer to having a sense of comfort in my life.

Going through treatment I’ve slowly realized the TMS treatment is on my side, it’s given me such a sense of well-being. It’s not a miracle, for me it was slow and when I started to feel myself slip backward I notified my doctor and returned a second time for additional treatments, with even better results.

The pandemic erupted during my second series of treatment, but I had no fear, no thoughts of quitting. During all of my sessions at Achieve TMS, the facilities were meticulous and I’ve always been treated with the utmost respect, dignity and care. The facilities/offices were always clean. Hand sanitizer was always available even before the pandemic broke out.  I was usually the only one in the waiting area. Following the breakout of the virus, the staff increased their focus on safety and wellness for all. Security was increased,  screening was applied limiting access to only those necessary. It was obvious that Achieve TMS practiced extra care for their patients above everything else.

I have developed real relationships with the doctor and technicians and I know they truly care about me. I know I can contact them as needed. I won’t hesitate to return if I need more help. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to try TMS and more importantly I can say I am moving out of the darkness and into a much better life. Life can be good again.  I am thankful.

S.B. in CaliforniaTMS patient

I’m so happy to share my experience with TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in hopes that people suffering from depression can find a path to new life. I underwent TMS in the winter/spring of 2018 during my last trimester of pregnancy and early postpartum.

Right around the third week of treatment, I noticed my mood scoring began to significantly improve. I started to feel “okay” which is generally miraculous for someone suffering from depression. I delivered my perfect little girl in mid-April and then finished my TMS treatment a few weeks later. And…I’ve had absolutely no issues with postpartum depression! Furthermore, my time with my first baby has been the most extraordinary experience of my life. I feel a deep love and abundant joy being with my daughter. I have an ability to be in the moment that I’ve never had before. Today, I celebrate my daughter’s life and my own. I’m grateful beyond measure for the gift of my daughter and the gift TMS gave me to fully be with her (not caved in by the destruction of depression). A year after therapy, I am a functioning and vibrant person and do not need medication.

Open Pilot Study of TMS for Pregnant Women

Kelli Payne PotterTMS patient

After a decade of darkness, my lifeline of hope dwindled to a thread of flickering light. Taunting me as it danced about my head. Dodging my grasp like a wisp of smoke—like smoke and mirrors.

And now? I dared not hope for it. For this. For this is what life is made of. Picking strawberries from an acre of green filled with little red dots. Feeling the breath of the ocean across my face. Catching a moment and holding it gingerly in my hands. Protecting it from the whorl of troubles past and worries future. It is fragile, after all. What debt of gratitude is mine? I owe it to the miracles of modern science, and the alchemy of grace.

Laurie CampbellTMS patient

Living with depression is difficult. It can cause me to push away those that I love. I don’t want them to see my pain so I put on a smile to hide the truth. Today is totally different. I feel as if I am a flower blooming into something beautiful. The world can now see the real me, a woman filled with love and joy. Achieve TMS has been an answer to prayer and I am so very grateful. I am happy and able to celebrate life each and every day.

Patty AdamsTMS patient

I started treatment with achieve tms in February of this year and completed my last treatment in April. It is hard to share about a treatment like this one. I entered it very hesitant but desperate for something that would help my treatment resistant depression and general anxiety disorder. I have struggled the majority of my life with anxiety and depression and have tried countless medications, talk therapy, diet and exercise adjustment, hypnotherapy and this is the only treatment that has truly made a life changing difference. While it is still early and I am hesitant to admit that I’ve been “cured” I have had an incredible decrease in anxiety to where many days I don’t experience it at all (something I’ve experienced all day every day for the past 10 years) and I am happy to say that it has been over 3 months since my last depressive episode. I am more energetic and able to handle the difficult situations that arise in life. After struggling for so long with something I didn’t think was treatable I am so relieved to have found tms therapy. While insurance covered some it was not exactly inexpensive but I’d say even if my depression came back at some point (something I understand is possible) it was worth it. It verified for me that there really was something medically wrong. After spending much of my life being told to eat healthier, exercise more, mediate, ect. and it would go away I can finally say this is something that was out of my control. I needed more intervention than I could contribute on my own. While this can be a very hard decision to make I would highly recommend it for anyone experiencing treatment resistant depression.

Heather W.TMS patient

Hi this is C a TMS patient. I would really like to thank Dr. Feely and his team that have made me into a better person and recover from a long stem of depression. He has been very helpful and I enjoyed his practice. I would also like to say thank you in no order to Cammy, Haley, Nia and Bryan.Bryan has been an awesome guy to work with and does his job with a smile always on his face and we always laughed at the silly things on Friends. Although I started with Haley in the beginning of my treatment, she has been also a very wonderful person and very understanding just like the other techs. I also want to thank Cammy even though I only came for her treatment once she was a lovely person. And Nia as well even though she was a new tech I really enjoyed her personality and laughing that made my experience easier. So thank you everyone that was involved with my recovery!

CTMS Patient

I have an unrelated medical condition that means that I can’t take a lot of the medications that are available for depression. My depression had become very severe, and I was feeling exhausted and hopeless after trying many new medications, with a variety of unpleasant side effects, but no real improvement. When my psychiatrist recommended TMS, I was initially very skeptical, but I did some research and what I found seemed like TMS might actually be promising, so I decided to give it a try.

Within the first week, my depression went from crushing and overwhelming to something that I felt like I might just be able to handle. While that might not seem like much, it was a huge and remarkable improvement, from my perspective. Throughout the process, the symptoms of my depression have improved dramatically. I’ve gone from consistently feeling like nothing in my life could make me happy to feeling healthy and normal, and I’ve started to make a number of positive changes in my life as a result.

Ryann, the TMS technician I’ve worked with over the course of my treatment, has been knowledgeable, helpful, accommodating, and friendly in literally every interaction I’ve had with her. She’s genuinely interested in helping the patients she works with, and it shows.

The long and the short of it is this: I’d recommend Achieve TMS to anyone who struggles with depression, without hesitation.

H.H.TMS Patient

I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I know I wouldn’t feel like this if it weren’t for TMS.

RPTMS Patient

I had a great experience with the wonderful people at Achieve who supported me the whole time.

JHTMS Patient

Depression took away my life. TMS treatment gave it back to me.

LCTMS Patient

Soon after treatment, my husband said, “You look different. It’s like you’re present again”.

JGTMS Patient