Simona Borza

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Simona Borza is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner licensed by the Oregon State and ANCC. Graduated with a Masters in Science from Oregon Health Science University. She works with individuals ages12 and up and has vast experience in mental health care, inpatient, and outpatient care. She also has expertise in detox/rehab cases and assists patients with relapse prevention.

Simona enjoys interacting with patients, taking time to explain and inform patients about medication, treatment options, diet, and the effect of vitamin/mineral deficiencies in mental health. She is very interested in new treatment modalities, minimizing the use of medication, and offering TMS as a viable treatment option.

Prior to becoming a mental health care provider, Simona had a career in Organic Chemistry. She lives with her husband and son in Portland, OR. She enjoys gourmet cooking, reading, hiking.