Michelle Brilee, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC

​Nurse Practitioner

Working with Dr. Manish Sheth in his Rancho Mirage, California office is Michelle Brilee, a dual board certified Nurse Practitioner both in family medicine and psychiatrist/mental health. Ms. Brilee collaborates with Dr. Sheth to develop treatment plans for their clients.

Her philosophy focuses on the whole person when evaluating, diagnosing and treating psychiatrist and mental health concerns. Her work complements that of the psychiatrist, whether treating them for a new diagnosis or maintaining an existing one. By working closely with the clients and offering both compassion and in-depth information, she increases their understanding of what they need to do to maximize the benefits of their treatment plan that may include TMS, medication management, and or counseling that improves their client experience.

A graduate of the University of California at San Marcos, Ms. Brilee has a Master of Science degree in nursing, post graduate studies in Psychiatric-Mental Health and is dual board certified as nurse practitioner from American Nursing Credentialing. Her background is Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine, Pain Management, Intensive Care, and Primary Care.