Jeremy Verhines

Nurse Practitioner

Jeremy is a board certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. He completed his graduate degree at The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio. Prior to gaining experience in the care and treatment of the psychiatric patient population, Jeremy obtained extensive knowledge and experience in the Critical Care and Medical Surgical Fields of Nursing. He is a well-rounded Practitioner who understands both the medical and psychiatric side of medicine and incorporates this experience as he considers best treatment for his clients.

Jeremy is a well-rounded, down-to-earth professional who understands life’s challenges and has a heart to help individuals navigate through them. His belief is that every person is unique, has a specific purpose and is capable of functioning at the top of their potential given the right season and circumstances. He is committed to helping every person get to where they feel better about themselves and function in the capacity they are called too.

Among other things, Jeremy is a Marine Corps Veteran, has extensive experience in the corporate world and is a professional musician who volunteers his time as a worship leader for the local church community and for recruits at Camp Pendleton’s Edson Range Chapel.

Jeremy lives in Southern Orange County with his wife and three children.