Elizabeth Roberts


Elizabeth Roberts, MD is a board-certified Psychiatrist who treats children, teens and adults in private practice and provides expert advice on cutting-edge topics in psychiatry through TV, radio and print media. Dr. Roberts is dedicated to educating the public regarding psychiatric conditions and the appropriate use of psychiatric medications. She is a tireless advocate for her patients who rarely have a voice in the public forum.

Dr. Roberts derives her expertise not only from academic study but from a wealth of personal and professional experiences that make her particularly well positioned to understand and educate on the topic of mental health. Her past experience in psychiatry has spanned service in the most impoverished areas to the most elite clinics, including her position as Medical Director of Hazelden, in Chicago to providing psychiatric services through the county mental health clinics to the homeless in Riverside county.

Dr. Elizabeth Roberts has been guiding, caring and advocating for children and adults for over thirty years, half of those years as a physician. Her work in human services started with running the soup kitchen and housing the homeless. Not only has she worked as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, but her career as a child advocate started at 17 years old, as a volunteer counselor of runaways. Her service to children went on to include coaching sports in poor neighborhoods, providing direct care for profoundly physically and mentally handicapped teenagers, and culminated with a career in teaching. She was a classroom teacher in schools that ran the gamut from the most prestigious private schools to the most disadvantaged public schools in the Chicago area.

She has worked to educate parents and professionals in various settings. She has lectured at Berkeley University on the use of psychiatric medications in children and conducted public seminars on mental illness and parenting techniques through hospitals, high schools, and ChADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) meetings.

When Dr. Roberts entered Medical School, she was a single mother, her children were eight, seven, and four years old at the time. She attended Rush Medical College and completed her medical education with a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from the Medical School at Northwestern University in Chicago.