Kalpesh Bhavsar



Dr. Bhavsar is a graduate from Government medical college, Surat, India. He did his psychiatry residency at Sanford school of medicine, University of South Dakota. Dr. Bhavsar adopts a holistic approach to Psychiatry. Besides looking at the psychiatric issues. Dr. Bhavsar also evaluates social, emotional and medical problems of the patient.

He has vast experience in handling various types of mental illness like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and PTSD, etc. Dr. Bhavsar also has profound experience in preoperative psychiatric evaluations for spinal cord stimulator placement, and pain pump implant procedures. He is a psychiatric consultant at both Pomona valley hospital and San Antonio regional medical center.

Due to high demand in the area, he has recently made himself available in the Claremont area for ongoing medication management, second opinion consultation on diagnosis, treatment regimes, and subsequent evaluations for specific concerns. He is partnering with Achieve TMS services to help provide innovative treatment for depression. Most importantly, he is ready and able to help you and your family with your mental health needs.