Brett Sharp

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Brett Sharp is a board certified psychiatrist with unique experience treating adults, children, and adolescents facing medical, neurological or developmental challenges that impede behavior or ability to function at work or school, or in the home. His focus and goal is patient wellness.

Dr. Sharp believes in treating the entire individual and family with dignity and respect, avoiding stigmatization as well as treatments that involve undue risk. He judiciously prescribes medication in conjunction with complimentary therapies to provide each patient with the best possible outcome. Deep TMS is a vital piece of the treatment armamentarium if and when it can be helpful.

A graduate of the University of Utah Medical School, he is triple board certified, trained and experienced in all aspects of psychiatry, child psychiatry and pediatrics. Dr. Sharp most recently practiced psychiatry with North Star Behavioral Health System in Anchorage. He speaks multiple languages and has won several awards for quality psychiatric care.

In his spare time, Dr. Sharp enjoys reading, travel and outdoor activities – especially those connecting mind and body.