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Santa Ana TMS Treatment


Santa Ana, California deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS) treatment is available from Achieve TMS, a leading provider of TMS therapy in the United States. We offer Santa Ana TMS treatment options customized to each of our patients. That way, each patient can undergo a personalized TMS treatment in Santa Ana to alleviate his or her depression symptoms.


Santa Ana: An Orange County City with a Look and Feel All Its Own


Santa Ana is an Orange County city that was founded in 1869 and grew significantly following the creation of a South Pacific Railroad line to the city in 1877. Today, Santa Ana is home to a wide range of commercial, financial and manufacturing businesses. Santa Ana also boasts a broad array of attractions, including Artists Village, Grand Central Art Station, and the Santa Ana Zoo.


The population of Santa Ana consists of approximately 334,000 residents. Additionally, Santa Ana’s median resident age is 31.5 years; comparatively, California’s median resident age is 36.5 years.


What Depression Treatment Options Are Available in Santa Ana?


Many Santa Ana depression treatment options are available, including antidepressant medications and psychotherapy.


A doctor sometimes prescribes an antidepressant to help a patient address his or her depression symptoms. In the short-term, an antidepressant may provide depression symptom relief. However, in some instances, an antidepressant causes intolerable side effects like nausea and vomiting. Or, a patient may need to try several antidepressants before he or she finds one that delivers consistent results.


Depression patients sometimes engage in psychotherapy on its own or in conjunction with using an antidepressant. Psychotherapy involves meeting with a mental health counselor to discuss depression concerns and questions. It also helps a patient identify and analyze the root cause of his or her depression symptoms, as well as take steps to manage these symptoms.


In addition to antidepressants and psychotherapy, TMS treatment in Santa Ana is now available. By participating in a Santa Ana TMS treatment program, an individual could achieve long-lasting depression symptom relief.


A Closer Look at TMS Treatment in Santa Ana


Achieve TMS offers TMS treatment in California, and we have offices across the Golden State. Thanks to our Huntington Beach office, Santa Ana residents can enjoy convenient access to TMS treatment.


A TMS treatment program in Santa Ana usually requires a total of six weeks to finish. The entire program involves five TMS therapy sessions per week, and each of these sessions takes about 20 minutes to complete. Plus, after a patient completes a TMS therapy session, he or she can resume normal activities.


During a TMS treatment session in Santa Ana, a patient has a magnetic coil that is carefully attached to his or her head. Next, magnetic pulses are transmitted to a patient’s skull via the magnetic coil, and the pulses help stimulate neurons in the brain. In doing so, TMS therapy provides a safe, effective treatment for depression symptoms.


Why Do People Choose Achieve TMS for Depression Treatment in Santa Ana?


Common reasons why people choose Achieve TMS for depression treatment in Santa Ana include:


  • Noninvasive: Patients do not require anesthesia or electrical shocks during TMS treatment.
  • No Side Effects: TMS treatment in Santa Ana does not cause side effects like nausea or vomiting.
  • No Drugs: No antidepressants or other medications are required during TMS treatment.


Achieve TMS is committed to patient success, and we work closely with our patients to help them get the best results from a TMS therapy program. We ensure each patient receives personalized support and care. As a result, we help patients overcome their depression symptoms.


Schedule a TMS Treatment Consultation with Achieve TMS


Achieve TMS offers free consultations to individuals considering TMS treatment in Santa Ana. To schedule a TMS therapy consultation with Achieve TMS, please call or text us today at 877-871-6379.


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