Achieve TMS Technicians

Achieve TMS is proud to employ a team of highly qualified, passionate technicians who administer daily TMS treatment. During the course of a patient’s treatment, our technicians build supportive relationships with our patients, and do so to ensure the best treatment experience possible. Each technician undergoes a rigorous training and certification process, culminating in testing and licensure. In addition to their technical skills, the most important reason our technicians do what they do is simple: they genuinely care about the mental health and wellness of each of our patients.

Meet Our Technicians

California Technicians

● Lindsay
● Shannon
● Ashley R.
● Cynthia
● Michael
● Wishma
● James
● Linh
● Antonia
● Marina
● Ryann
● Kennedy
● Rachel
● Kyra
● Adrian
● Autumn
● Paul
● Diana
● April
● Brooke
● Jazmin
● Ashley H.
● Megan
● Rebecca

Oregon Technicians

● Karlo
● Sarah
● Jen
● Olga
● Cassie
● Nicole

Alaska Technicians

● Brittani
● Liz
● Martin
● Desiree
● Hallie