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Newport Beach TMS Treatment


Achieve TMS is a leader in Newport Beach, California deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS) treatment. At our Huntington Beach center, just minutes from Newport Beach, we employ expert medical personnel who provide Newport Beach TMS treatment to address major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and other medical disorders. Plus, we prioritize patient care, and we do everything possible to help our patients treat their depression symptoms.


Newport Beach: A Coastal Town with a Hint of Glamour


Newport Beach offers the ideal combination of luxury living and beachfront beauty. Dating back to the 1830s, Newport Beach was known as Bolsa de San Joaquin. The coastal town’s name was changed to Newport in the 1870s; at this time, Newport’s primary industry was commercial shipping. In 1902, Newport became Newport Beach, and it also began to attract a wide range of tourists and Hollywood stars — including Shirley Temple and John Wayne.


Newport Beach is frequently considered a must-visit destination for Golden State tourists — and perhaps it is easy to understand why. The town features more than 8 miles of beaches and is home to the Wedge, a popular bucket list spot where surfing waves extend up to 20 feet in height. Newport Beach also boasts elegant seaside restaurants such as Bear Flag Fish Co. and Bluewater Grill, along with deluxe boutiques that delight shoppers young and old. Newport Beach even hosts the annual Newport Beach Film Festival, which offers nightly galas and amazing films.


Today, Newport Beach has a population of roughly 86,000 residents, and this figure typically surpasses 100,000 in summer. Newport Beach also has a median household income that exceeds $119,000, as well as a median property value of approximately $1.7 million.


Depression Treatment in Newport Beach: Here’s What You Need to Know


No two depression treatment options are identical. When it comes to depression treatment in Newport Beach, it is paramount to pursue all available options. That way, an individual can find a treatment that delivers long-term depression relief.


In some instances, a doctor will prescribe an antidepressant medication to help a Newport Beach resident alleviate his or her depression symptoms. Or, a Newport Beach resident may begin psychotherapy, i.e. “talk therapy,” to explore the root cause of his or her depression. Although both of these treatments are sometimes effective, additional therapies may be required to overcome depression symptoms.


dTMS therapy is a safe, effective depression treatment available to Newport Beach residents. Achieve TMS offers dTMS therapy at locations across California, and our Huntington Beach office is just minutes from Newport Beach. By visiting our Huntington Beach office, individuals can learn about Newport Beach TMS therapy and evaluate all aspects of treatment.


What to Expect During TMS Treatment in Newport Beach


Newport Beach TMS treatment is designed to help individuals address their depression symptoms both now and in the future. A dTMS therapy program generally requires five treatment sessions per week, and these sessions are conducted over the course of six weeks. Each dTMS treatment session usually lasts about 20 minutes. Additionally, upon completion of a TMS treatment session in Newport Beach, a patient can resume his or her everyday activities.


At Achieve TMS, we work closely with a patient during a Newport Beach TMS treatment session. With TMS treatment, we first place a magnetic coil on a patient’s head. Next, we use the coil to transmit a magnetic field to a patient’s skull, and the magnetic field stimulates neurons in the brain to help alleviate a patient’s depression symptoms.


Schedule a TMS Therapy Consultation with Achieve TMS


Achieve TMS teaches patients about dTMS therapy, how it works, and its benefits. We also offer free consultations to help individuals considering TMS therapy in Newport Beach make informed treatment decisions. Each TMS treatment consultation ensures an individual knows exactly what to expect during a dTMS therapy program, and ultimately, can discover the best way to address his or her depression symptoms. To find out more about TMS therapy in Newport Beach, please call or text us today at 877-261-3391.



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