Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Sabre Springs

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Sabre Springs

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy is a form of depression treatment that does not require the use of drugs. The FDA-approved treatment involves magnetic pulses sent to a patient’s brain via a magnetic coil positioned on the head, near the left temple. These magnetic pulses stimulate neurons in the mood center of the brain and have been proven to help reduce depressive symptoms and improve quality of life for most patients.

Achieve TMS, the leading provider of TMS therapy in the United States, offers this treatment to Sabre Springs residents at our convenient Rancho Bernardo TMS treatment center. Sabre Springs residents only have to drive about 10 minutes to undergo TMS therapy to help manage depression symptoms.

Sabre Springs: A Cozy San Diego Neighborhood

Located in the northeastern part of San Diego, Sabre Springs is a cozy neighborhood nestled in America’s Finest City. Java lovers are sure to appreciate the large assortment of coffee shops in and around the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Sabre Springs is just minutes from some of the top restaurants in San Diego.

There is more to Sabre Springs than just coffee shops and restaurants. Residents can travel to a variety of nearby hiking trails and bike paths to enjoy fun outdoor experiences. Plus, the neighborhood offers easy access to a broad selection of shopping centers, parks, and other attractions.

An In-Depth Look at Sabre Springs TMS Treatment

In terms of depression therapy, many options are available to residents of Sabre Springs. Antidepressant medication may be prescribed to a patient to help manage sadness, anxiety, and other depression symptoms. Many patients will benefit from psychotherapy as well.

Although antidepressants, psychotherapy, and other treatment options may help some patients cope with depression, there are times when these therapies do not deliver relief or, in the case of medication, have difficult side effects.

TMS is a safe, effective depression therapy that may be used in lieu of, or in conjunction with, other treatment options. Treatment is tailored to each patient and their symptoms, delivering meaningful relief for three out of every four patients.

TMS therapy sessions are scheduled five days a week for six weeks, and each session lasts about 20 minutes.

Sabre Springs TMS treatment sessions do not cause dry mouth, upset stomach, or other side effects commonly associated with antidepressants. Some patients report minor discomfort after the first few TMS sessions, and some experience no side effects. There is no downtime with TMS, and patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately after each treatment session.

Is TMS Treatment Right for You?

Our medical clinicians perform a comprehensive patient evaluation to ensure that a patient can benefit from TMS. If a patient is believed to be a good candidate for TMS, we develop and provide a customized treatment program.

Our Rancho Bernardo team is available to explain how Sabre Springs TMS therapy works and respond to concerns or questions regarding this form of depression treatment. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, please contact us online, or call or text us today at 877-909-8595.


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