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Northern lights, majestic mountain ranges, and the midnight sun – to most outsiders looking in, Fairbanks, Alaska is a slice of pure Alaska, complete with a rich heritage, Alaska Native culture, a thriving arts community, abundant wildlife, and incredible scenery.

Aside from being a beautiful tourist destination, Fairbanks is also home to many Alaskans who struggle with mental health challenges. Because of its subarctic climate, Fairbanks – like much of Alaska – is prone to shifting moods along with shifts in the climate. Challenged by the highest rate of suicides per capita in the country and long, dark winters, Alaskans are more likely than most to struggle with depression. Although depression is treatable, people respond differently to various treatments. While psychiatric medication helps millions every year, some people do not respond to standard approaches and are left searching for an effective alternative.

Here at TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS, we offer depression treatment to help the residents of Fairbanks and surrounding areas. We specialize in depression treatment services for people who do not respond to psychiatric medication and other first-line treatments.

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Depression Treatment in Fairbanks - Local Staff & Medical Providers

With the highest nationwide statistic for seasonal affective disorder, a condition that includes depression as a result of arctic conditions, Alaska wrestles with issues that are less prevalent in the rest of the country. However, getting help even in an arctic climate works. While depression can be debilitating and is a leading cause of disability, it is also treatable. Therapy and psychiatric medication have been front line treatments for depression for decades, with a variety of antidepressants helping millions of Americans combat the symptoms of depression.

When medication is ineffective and counseling falls short, it’s time to seek an alternative approach. Here at TMS Center of Alaska, we treat patients through transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). FDA-approved and proven effective in numerous clinical studies, TMS is a non-invasive using magnetic pulses to  target areas in the brain that are responsible for depression.

The magnetic pulses generated during TMS treatment depolarized neurons and stimulate the release of neurotransmitters. This is a painless process similar to an MRI, that triggers signals in the brain related to different functions, including neurotransmission.

While exact treatment schedules may vary, the initial treatment course typically consists of five sessions per week, for about six weeks. Each session takes less than half an hour.

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TMS Therapy in Fairbanks - Where Experience Matters

TMS therapy in Fairbanks takes just around 20 minutes per day and requires no prep. After reclining in a comfortable chair, patients will be given a cushioned helmet, containing an H-coil through which the magnetic pulses are transmitted. An initial screening session is required to help the professionals at TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS accurately map out the targeted areas in the brain and formulate a treatment plan, after which treatment will start.

Anesthesia and/or medication is not necessary,. Most patients report a tapping sensation, with no lasting effect. Patients may watch TV, read, or simply relax. TMS is especially effective for patients who have found other forms of depression treatment lacking.

Our Fairbanks TMS Treatment Technologies

BrainsWay’s Deep TMS Brainsway-dTMS-Device

BrainsWay’s Deep TMS treatment is an innovative and effective treatment option for depression. BrainsWay’s depression treatment uses Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) to safely and effectively target areas of the brain associated with MDD during 20 min treatment sessions. During each session you are comfortably seated on a chair and a cushioned helmet is placed over your head. The helmet uses magnetic fields to stimulate the targeted area.

Unlike other depression treatments available, Deep TMS is effective, even in treatment resistant depression. The safety and efficacy of depression therapy with BrainsWay’s device have been demonstrated extensively in clinical trials.

With short 20 minutes sessions, and no systemic side effects, you can fit Deep TMS into your schedule and live life to the fullest again.

TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS is Alaska’s Most Trusted Local TMS Provider, Delivering over 30,000 Treatments to Date

TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS TMS is the most trusted local provider of TMS therapy in Fairbanks and the rest of the lower 48 for the treatment for depression. Stop the despair. Take the next step. Regain joy.

Give us a call at (999) 999-1111 for a free consultation or email us at [email protected] to learn more.

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Insurance Coverage for TMS

As awareness of TMS continues to grow, so does insurance coverage.

Does Insurance Cover TMS Therapy?

Yes, insurance coverage for TMS is normal under most health insurance companies in the United States.

Please feel free to call us and see if you’re covered by your insurance at 333-333-3333

TMS Center of Alaska accepts MOST PPO Insurance including Tri Care and Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield plans to help cover the out of pocket costs for treatment. We also have single case agreements with Optum, MHN, Cigna, and Aetna. We invite you to call for a free telephone consultation to review your insurance benefits and your depression treatment history.

How Much Does TMS Therapy Cost?

If you are interested in paying privately for TMS therapy in Fairbanks, we will need to review your history and discuss the costs over a confidential telephone assessment. We can review the various financing and payment plan options if you don’t have insurance coverage for TMS.


Depression Treatment & TMS Therapy in Fairbanks