TMS therapy has been successful at the treatment of depression in those addicted to substances. Although dTMS therapy has been primarily utilized as an alternative therapy for treating major depressive disorder that is medication-resistant, more and more evidence is indicating its efficacy in treating substance use disorders. Call us at 855-405-2055 to book your free TMS therapy consultation


TMS May Reduce Nicotine Cravings

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Can Help Cut Cravings Nicotine addiction can sneak up quickly.  The addictive properties of nicotine are so powerful that dependence can result after smoking just 100 cigarettes; that is how quickly the brain’s neural pathways can be rewired.  Nicotine addiction has the distinction of being both a physical addiction and a psychological…


TMS A Promising Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation A Promising Treatment for Cocaine Addiction Cocaine addiction affects about 1.5 million Americans and represents a significant health condition.  Chronic cocaine use ultimately damages the brain, causing brain volume reduction, impairment in functioning, and permanent damage to blood vessels in the brain.  As dopamine neurons become weakened, they cease to function at…