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TMS of Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS is pleased to announce its collaboration with Achieve TMS in 3 Alaska Locations: Wasilla and Anchorage and Fairbanks

Depression is a big issue in Alaska. Due in part to seasonal affective disorder, depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts tend to be more frequent in colder climes, and Alaska is no exception. TMS Centers of Alaska is dedicated to helping ward off depression and its dangerous consequences.

TMS Centers of Alaska by Achieve TMS uses Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to help patients tackle depressive symptoms. Uniquely designed to stimulate neural activity in the prefrontal cortex, this localized non invasive procedure is FDA-approved, and completely safe, with no harmful side effects.

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TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS - Wasilla

Wasilla is the sixth-largest city in Alaska and part of the greater Anchorage metropolitan area, providing recreation and support to workers further up north. A historically entrepreneurial city, Wasilla briefly gained international attention in the 2008 presidential elections, as the mayoral seat of Sarah Palin before she became Governor of Alaska. Today, Wasilla remains a cozy city of about 10,000 people, complete with a city-owned airport and a park.

Small as it may be, Wasilla is intertwined with its southern neighbor Anchorage. This makes it a prime location for a TMS Center of Alaska facility, dedicated to helping residents overcome depression when medication trials fail.

TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS - Anchorage

With roughly a quarter million residents within the city proper, Anchorage is the largest and most densely populated spot in the state of Alaska. This city alone is home to nearly half of the state’s total population, and is a major source of commerce throughout the region. Anchorage is home to an impressive array of wildlife, and there are several parks and preservations in the area.

Despite an idyllic landscape, rich history and an abundance of local flora and fauna, Anchorage residents face a considerable struggle with depression and mental health issues. We aim to help alleviate this issue at the Anchorage facility, to help residents get the treatment they need to lead happier lives.

TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS - Fairbanks

Northern lights, majestic mountain ranges, and the midnight sun – to most outsiders looking in, Fairbanks, Alaska is a slice of pure Alaska, complete with a rich heritage, Alaska Native culture, a thriving arts community, abundant wildlife, and incredible scenery. Aside from being a beautiful tourist destination, Fairbanks is also home to many Alaskans who struggle with mental health challenges. Because of its subarctic climate, Fairbanks – like much of Alaska – is prone to shifting moods along with shifts in the climate.

Here at TMS Center of Alaska, we offer depression treatment to help the residents of Fairbanks and surrounding areas. We specialize in depression treatment services for people who do not respond to psychiatric medication and other first-line treatments.

TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS – Wasilla
1981 E. Palmer-Wasilla Highway
Suite 230
Wasilla Alaska 99654
United States
TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS – Anchorage
2741 DeBarr Road
Suite 411
Anchorage Alaska 99508
United States
TMS Center of Alaska by Achieve TMS – Fairbanks
1867 Airport Way
Suite 200
Fairbanks Alaska 99701
United States

Insurance Coverage for TMS

As awareness of TMS continues to grow, so does insurance coverage.

Does Insurance Cover TMS Therapy?

Yes, insurance coverage for TMS is normal under most health insurance companies in the United States.

Please feel free to call us and see if you’re covered by your insurance at 333-333-3333

TMS Center of Alaska accepts MOST PPO Insurance including Tri Care and Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield plans to help cover the out of pocket costs for treatment. We also have single case agreements with Optum, MHN, Cigna, and Aetna. We invite you to call for a free telephone consultation to review your insurance benefits and your depression treatment history.

How Much Does TMS Therapy Cost?

If you are interested in paying privately for TMS therapy, we will need to review your history and discuss the costs over a confidential telephone assessment. We can review the various financing and payment plan options if you don’t have insurance coverage for TMS.


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