Why Depression Meds Aren't Working

Why Isn’t My Anti-Depression Medication Working?

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug-resistant depression, taking anti-depressant medication that gradually stops working or doesn’t work at all can be quite discouraging. Healthcare providers struggle to address this dilemma, with research indicating that only 60% of individuals with depression respond to antidepressant therapy. Furthermore, 10% to 30% of those who…

6 Things Everyone Should Know About OCD

People get rough ideas about mental illness from movies or TV shows, and popular culture often simplifies or even completely misrepresents what it is really like to live with mental illness. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is no different. Many people associate their knowledge and understanding of OCD with popular TV shows, like The Big Bang Theory and Monk. Consequently, OCD may be one of the most misunderstood mental health conditions.

How Depression Affects Loved Ones

How Does Depression Affect Those Around You?

Clinical depression is a serious condition that affects both mind and body. It alters the way people feel about themselves and the people in their lives, and can subsequently damage or ruin relationships. If you have been diagnosed with depression, the primary focus of treatment (e.g. deep TMS, medication, etc. ) is to improve your…

Dealing With Suicidal Tendencies

Suicide Is Never the Answer

Depression Explained We all feel low and sad from time to time and this is perfectly normal. This does not mean that we are clinically depressed. Depression is characterized by long and deep periods of hopelessness, as well as other symptoms covered   below. It is important to know the difference between feeling down and experiencing…

Depression Medication Isn't Working

Depression Medication Isn’t Working? TMS May Be the Answer

Major Depression Disorder (MDD), is characterized by the persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness  or lack of interest in formerly-enjoyable activities as well as sleeping and eating too much or not enough.. Major depressive disorder is a unipolar condition as distinguished from  bipolar depression which vacillates between states of depression and mania. In many cases, MDD…